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About Us

Curved Space was founded in 2018 with the purpose of establishing ourselves as one of Egypt's top web design and development studios. What sets us apart from our competition is our unique customer centric approach to the industry, making it easier and quicker to create websites that live up to your expectations.

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Our Services


Watch your idea come to life through the efforts of our development team. From concept, to prototype, to finished product, our developers work tirelessly to turn your imagination into your reality.


We work with you to create the optimal design for your vision, from elegant layout to a friendly interactive experience, making your user experience feel natural yet sophisticated.

What sets us apart

At Curved Space, we try to minimize the barrier of entry that clients face when dealing with other web development services. We do this using our SpaceBuddy system. When you sign up, you are assigned a SpaceBuddy that acts as your account manager and informant from the start of the project request all the way to the final deliverable. Your SpaceBuddy is responsible for helping you translate your dream website into a language that our developers understand. This ensures that no miscommunications occur, while also making the development process more efficient, so we can deliver your project as quickly and perfectly as possible. Your SpaceBuddy is also available for you to contact at any time regarding your enquiries, requests or modifications, while also updating you on the status of milestones, timetables and deliverables.

About the founders

Ahmed Osama


A comupter science and engineering graduate from the German University in Cairo. He has worked in the web development industry for several years, as both a freelancer and a technical director, and has managed multiple development teams. Ahmed enjoys reading physics, math and comic books.

Ahmed El Ashmawi


Ahmed is a computer engineering graduate from the American University in Cairo. He has worked in sales and has account management experience under his belt. He enjoys meeting new people and has an odd obsession with mango smoothies.

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